Amazing people from LUNA

Servando Canales

Exponential Entrepreneur, Industrial Engineer, Singularity University Alumni. Passionate about technology and the impact it can have on tomorrow’s world.

Chiang Fon

The mastermind behind FLUX 3D Printer Kickstarter campaign design. Using Adobe Illustrator to do everything in his life. Deep believing the best way to create, is to create things that helps to create.

Ju-Chun Ko

JC is the first Taiwanese participant in Singularity University. He has Computer Science Ph. D with artistic habit, entrepreneurial mind, and hacker spirit. He co-founded Linkwish Inc and Memora Inc.

Gaurav Gupta

GG is an entrepreneur with a love for design and technology. A mechanical engineer by training,he loves tinkering as much as he loves spreadsheets.